Hello Ledgerians,

The moment you were waiting for is finally here. The OneLedger team has officially released the OneWallet on the Kainos Mainnet for the public.

The OneWallet is currently available on the Chrome Web Store.

OneWallet is the first of many products we are releasing to the blockchain community with an intention to bring in crypto mass adoption through our wallet as we integrate more features in the future.

Let’s run you through some of the features of the OneWallet:

1. Manage Blockchain Accounts Through OneWallet, you can manage accounts of all the blockchains supported by the OneLedger network. The wallet currently supports Ethereum and OneLedger with an aim to integrate support for more public and private blockchains in the future. 

You can use OneWallet’s “Send” functionality to send digital currency from your Ethereum and OneLedger accounts.


Demo of Create Account & Send Transactions

2. Interoperability Through OneWallet, you can use OneLedger’s interoperability to transfer cryptocurrencies from one network to another. Since OneLedger currently supports interoperability between Ethereum and OneLedger, users can transfer ETH between the Ethereum and OneLedger accounts. 


Demo of Interoperability

Please note: The ETH Redeem Transfer, which moves ETH from OneLedger to Ethereum network, has been temporarily disabled to maintain network security.

3. OneLedger Naming Service (ONS) Another key feature included within the OneWallet is our unique OneLedger Naming Service (ONS). You can use this feature to Buy, Sell and Manage all your domains on the OneLedger network.

The ONS allows the community to move away from complicated hexadecimal account addresses to a user friendly naming convention.

The fees gained from the purchase/selling of any domains will be distributed amongst the validators on the network.

To learn more about ONS, click here.


Demo of OneLedger Naming Service (ONS)

We hope you have a pleasant experience using our wallet. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Telegram. We are happy to help!!

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