Hello Ledgerians,
The OneWallet has now been updated. Please update the wallet via Google Chrome Web Store to enjoy it’s latest features.

Feature Enhancements:
  • Redeem Ethereum Feature: Released the Redeem feature to move ETH back to Ethereum from the OneLedger Network.
  • Domain Expiry
    – Domain Expiry will now show in the Active Status Column
    – Expires In has also been added to the Domain List, so you can tell when your Domain is expiring
  • Renew Feature: You can now Renew your domains before they expire so that you do not lose your subdomains or any of your mapped URLs
  • Repurchase Feature: If your domains do expire, they will still be visible for you to repurchase, unless someone purchases them first. However, any subdomains or websites you are mapped to will be lost.
  • Subdomains and Domain Details
    – Subdomains: Subdomains inherit the lifetime of their parent domains. They have the capability of being associated to a beneficiary account, for send transactions and they can also be associated to website URLs.
    – Domain Details: provides you more details about the domain and displays a list of subdomains
Bug Fixes:
  • Account History: Updated the Domain Transactions to show values
  • Fixed the frozen Loading Screen

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