OneWallet is an interoperable wallet that handles transfers from Ethereum and Bitcoin accounts into OneLedger, these tokens can then be traded across the OneLedger network instantaneously.  The OneWallet also allows for Domain Management and Domain Transfers, providing a user friendly naming convention for sending tokens on the networks we support. OneWallet is comprised of OneVault, a local storage component, and the OneLedger SDK.

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Architecture Model


OneVault: is a storage mechanism that OneLedger has built specifically to manage keys and sign transactions for multiple blockchains. It’s primary objective is to ensure that a users private key is safe and secure and only accessible through authenticated access. OneVault also makes it easy for Developers to build decentralized applications on the OneLedger blockchain by removing the complexity of private and public key management and signing transactions from the DApp development process.

OneLedger SDK

OneLedger SDK: The primary purpose for the SDK is to connect to the Remote Procedure Call interface of the OneLedger Blockchain. The SDK is completely modularized from other aspects of the OneWallet, making it scalable and for use in other applications. The OneLedger SDK is one of the primary ways of communicating with the OneLedger Blockchain Network.

OneWallet Beta Test Registration

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