Real Estate Blockchain

OneLedger’s Real Estate Solution offering provides an optimal solution for multiple parties to share property information across several organizations, including Government Authorities, Real Estate Brokerages and Land Registries. Providing secure and transparent data to any entity that wishes to gain access. Simply launch a full node on the network or apply to be a validator to gain fast and easy access to real estate data backed by OneLedger’s lightening fast blockchain protocol.



Real Estate Asset Tokenization

Tokenizing Real Estate properties as digital assets are just the first step into many different industries including Decentralized Finance. We provide quick and easy access into asset ownership for property resale or for asset backed lending. In the future, this platform can easily be used for mortgage backed securities.




API Gateway: The API gateway gives third party systems to easily access property information, without having to host their own full nodes or for Validator and Full Nodes to access the data in a simple consumable format.


Third-Party Connectors: The Third-Party Connectors are service built by OneLedger for Real Estate Agencies to easily push data to websites and social platforms for properties they manage.  Providing a tool-set for Real Estate Agents to have an edge in the market.

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