OneLedger, a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Solutions company is expanding it’s business wings and scaling it’s products globally. With the Mainnet scheduled to be launched at the end of this month, the team is now focussing on taking it’s enterprise solutions to the market and get a strong foothold into the global blockchain industry. Due to OneLedger’s modular framework, the solution can be adapted in many global industries.


To drive this initiative forward, today, George Connolly, the President at OneLedger announced the addition of three new team members to the Global Business Development and Sales effort with the confirmation of the following business executives:


1. Ralph Ramkerrysingh – VP Global Business & Strategy (Canada)

Ralph joins OneLedger as our leader for enterprise business strategy after 25 years of experience leading major advisory projects for clients in both the public and private sectors with a formidable track record of success. Ralph is a subject matter expert in institutional strengthening, strategic planning, finance function effectiveness, Change Management, business process re-engineering and procurement including Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP). With extensive experience in serving Government and Government related agencies in Canada and internationally to develop their Transformation and Technology initiatives, he brings to OneLedger an intimate knowledge of working with international, regional and local enterprises.  

Ralph has led many global advisory projects including Performance Improvement and Technology Advisory, giving guidance to Government leaders, Boards and C-Level clients. He has worked frequently with multinational and multi-disciplinary teams and has a strong network of Global specialists with whom he frequently collaborates to bring the best solutions and ideas to clients while ensuring a clear, achievable context.


2. Alan Chan – Business Development Manager (Asia – Hong Kong, Macau)


Alan is a highly experienced technology sales executive with over 20 years of experience, focusing on network security, system infrastructure and digital transformation solution selling.  He graduated from the University of Waterloo, where he studied for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, with a certification in Java, C, C++, JavaScript and VBScript. He is now focussing his time and energy on learning Python. Alan exhibits a wealth of experience in Project Management and Sales, especially in the Hong Kong and Macau region. His past experience includes being a Senior Project Manager for an eCommerce solutions company implementing applications and solutions for Banks and Securities project.


3. Folaranmi (Abayomi) Oladipupo – Business Development Manager (Nigeria)


With a background in Chemical and Automation Engineering and strong project management skills, Folaranmi has worked as a Business Development Manager on many boards across multiple industries. Folaranmi has taken initiatives as a world partner of IBM and has sold digital products for hundreds of enterprises and individuals since 2014. Folaranmi is a dynamic award winning entrepreneur with foundational and business contacts across fifty-four African countries.


Please join us in welcoming Ralph, Alan and Folaranmi to the OneLedger team. We are glad to have them on board.


About OneLedger

OneLedger is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company, that uses it’s own blockchain technology to support it’s customer’s business needs. OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. The company focusses on blockchain technology in the Healthcare, Supply Chain and the Real Estate sector.

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